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    "End of Summer" Soap Box


    Hold on to summer with these three soaps: Bonfire, Watermelon, and Sunshine!  Grab this chance to try 2 of our monthly box exclusive soaps! 

    Bonfire has a slightly "smokey" scent, earthy and mellow.  Not at all "ashy" or "burn your eyes" smoke, but a richer, bolder scent.  This is one of my new favorites for this summer! 

    Watermelon is just that, melon scent!  Bright and fruity, this one even looks like a slice of watermelon, right down to the seeds!  (poppy seed :))

    Sunshine is a light and bright scent!  Just light and fun, maybe a little lemon-y, but very light.  This is just a fun bright soap to make you smile!  

    These three soaps have been staples of our monthly boxes through this summer, and we are excited to bring them to you in this fun "end of summer" box!  Bonfire and Watermelon are exclusive soaps, so they have only been available in our monthly boxes, but you get a chance to try them as well in this limited quantity special box!  When these are gone, they will be gone for the season.  Don't miss out on this fun soapy box!