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Mother's Day Box!
Mother's Day Box!

    Mother's Day Box!


    Surprise and delight Mom this year with a Big Red Barn Mother's Day box!  Each box has 2 goat milk soaps (Dewy Rose and Spring Meadow), a 4 oz lotion (Dewy Rose), a 4 oz foot cream, a lip balm, and an exfoliating bag to use with her soap!  We wanted Mom to have a small collection of goat milk products to pamper and soothe her skin this Mother's Day! $45 and FREE SHIPPING! 

    Mother's Day Boxes ship MAY 1!  Order yours today to make sure you get one, and we will pack your box and ship it out MAY 1, just in time for Mother's Day!   

    Want to send the box straight to Mom?  No problem!  Just use her address as the shipping address and we will send it to her directly!  

    Flowers fade and die, but smooth, happy skin lasts... well, a LONG TIME!  Pamper your mom's skin this Mother's Day!  Order your Mother's Day Box today!