Ingredients & Supplies for Goat Milk Soap

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Have you ever considered making your own Goat Milk Soap?

You see beautiful bars of soap at boutique stores and craft shows, and think… “Maybe I could do that too!” 
But the process can seem overwhelming. After all, it involves unfamiliar ingredients and unknown techniques. Maybe you just don't know where to start.
But what if I told you that making goat milk soap doesn’t have to be overwhelming? In fact, it can be REALLY creative and fun! I fell in love with goat milk soap years ago, and have been making soap weekly at Big Red Barn ever since. 


I have found that often, people just need some encouragement to get started! I teach a Goat Milk Soapmaking Class online, where we go over all of the ingredients and supplies needed to make your very first batch of Goat Milk Soap. 


We also learn how to be safe handling the ingredients, and learn how to put the recipe together! 


If you are just getting started in your soapmaking journey, here are the ingredients and the supplies you'll need on hand. 


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Equipment & Supplies for making Goat Milk Soap:

Safety Goggles


Stainless Steel Spoon


2 Glass Mixing Bowls


Heat-safe Rubber Spatula


Soap Mold (or Milk Carton!)


Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves


Face Mask


Digital Kitchen Scale


Stainless Steel Stick Blender


Ingredients for Basic Goat Milk Soap:

12.8 oz. Olive Oil


5.6 oz. Coconut Oil
(the kind that is solid at room temperature, NOT fractionated)


5.6 oz. Palm Oil


8 oz. Goat Milk


**Note: If you can get fresh Goat Milk, use that! Sometimes you can find it in a carton at the grocery store. If you do get this canned kind, note that it needs to be reconstituted - meaning you will add 1 cup of distilled water to 1 cup of this canned milk.


3.6 oz Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)


Once you get your basic supplies together, you are in a great place to start your soapmaking journey! 

I highly recommend that you start by making a batch of basic unscented, uncolored soap. This way you will know what the process is like, and you're better set to move onto recipes that include color, scent, or new techniques!

Would you like to come to our next Goat Milk Soapmaking Class? Click here to save your seat. 


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