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What's "bubbling" at Big Red Barn? Check it out!

This is a hard question... and it depends on several things!

by Shanna De Hoogh on August 11, 2022

How many products have you tried, only to be disappointed?  If you have a skin issue, it could be a LOT!  This reality causes people to be skeptical about natural products.  Let me tell you how to get started with goat milk products if you have tried a lot of other products and are still looking for your answer.

by Shanna De Hoogh on July 28, 2022

"Your lotion works when others don't. Why is that?" 

Want to know the answer?  

by Shanna De Hoogh on July 20, 2022

Is your goat milk soap being used up faster than you think it should?  We have some suggestions on how to get the most out of your goat milk soap purchase, and get all the skin-benefit you can out of every bar!

by Shanna De Hoogh on June 17, 2022
What makes us different?

Real, raw goat milk. Did you know that some products labeled as "goat milk" are made with canned or powdered goat milk, or even "goat milk extract"? Eew. What is that? Our products are made with goat milk from our own herd of dairy goats. We milk twice a day, and that milk goes into each of our goat milk products! It's a difference people can feel, and they tell us so! Want to try goat milk products for yourself? Click the button to see our soaps and lotions and let your skin's goat milk adventure begin!