Why does Big Red Barn goat milk lotion work?

One of the questions we get all the time is, "Why does this work?" 


Usually the people asking are in one of two groups.  Either they are standing at my craft show table trying our lotion for the first time, or they are a new customer who has a "nothing else has worked until your lotion" story.  And they come to me with a pretty direct question...

"Why does this work?"  


The new customers group has a level of seriousness in their question, because they literally have tried everything... prescriptions, dermatologists, high-dollar creams, steroids, you name it.  Maybe even other goat milk lotions.  They have done it all.  And, it hasn't worked.  At least not as well as they want.  


"I am just staying OK.  I don't want to be just 'OK'.  I want it to be gone!"  


So, the question is, "Why does Big Red Barn lotion work?" 


Have you ever read the labels on different lotions?  First, know that they have to list all the ingredients in their lotions, AND they have to list them in order of the amount of each ingredient in their product, largest to smallest.


  So, if the first ingredient is "water", that means that the ingredient they use in the largest quantity is water.  


Find a lotion you have in your house... now read the ingredients.  How many "something - ohol" s did you find?  Likely 2 or 3.  These are a type of alcohol, and guess what, alcohol is drying.  


So these "moisturizing" lotions are filled with different types of alcohol.  Are we seeing a problem here?  


Now, the next time you find a goat milk lotion in a store, read that label.  Where, in the list of ingredients, is "goat milk"?  


Likely it is toward the bottom, meaning, there is not much actual goat milk in that lotion.  


Then, do they tell you what form the goat milk was in when they used it?  Canned?  Powdered? 


How many skin-nourishing properties do you suppose survive in a powdered goat milk?  There may be some, but hmmm...


This is where our lotions stand apart from most.  


Look at our label.  Read the ingredients.  What is ingredient #1?  


Goat milk.  


What does that mean?  Goat milk is ingredient that we use in largest quantity to make our lotions.  


Not canned.  Not powdered.  Real, "from the goat" goat milk.  Like "you could come here and pet the goat" goat milk.  


And that is what makes the difference.  Anyone could and does use our other ingredients: avocado and almond oil, distilled water, emulsifying wax, etc.  There is nothing magic there.  


The goats make the magic.  And we have the privilege of putting that magic in every one of our lotion bottles.  And it makes a difference people can feel, and that is why they ask the question! 


So go ahead.  Click the button and try it for yourself!  I'll be here if you have any questions!  


- Shanna


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