Will goat milk products help my skin?

Often, this question comes from an adult who has struggled with a particular skin issue for years, but sometimes it comes from a mom or grandma who is seeking answers for a child. Always, there is a level of desperation behind the question… “Will goat milk products help my skin?” Why the desperation? Because people with skin issues typically have tried EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING! And likely, they have spent a considerable amount of money trying to get their skin issue solved. And, because they are at my table asking this question, I assume they have not found an answer. So, there is desperation behind the question combined with a healthy dose of skepticism. And I don’t blame them. If you have had your hopes of clear skin dashed that often, you are allowed to be skeptical! I always start my answer with this admission, “I am not a doctor. I am not a dermatologist. I am a lady with goats who know things and talks to people.” But I encourage them to try it. Try both the soap and the lotion and see what happens. Take the soap into the shower and use it head to toe. Remove any possibility that what you are using as a body cleanser is actually aggravating your situation. Then, use the goat milk lotion to soothe the affected areas. It’s possible that the combination of the two will make a noticeable difference in just a couple uses. I encourage them to try it because it doesn’t matter what I think will work or what I tell them is likely to help. They need to find that out for themselves. They have heard numerous people tell them this or that will be the solution, and it has proven to be false. They need to try it and know for themselves. But I am very confident in this for them because I have numerous stories of people who have seen dramatic improvement from real goat milk products… Kiddos with eczema. Olders with psoriasis. Winter-dried skin so irritated that it was red and raw. One young one with skin allergy symptoms so bad that his ankles were cracked and bleeding. And all of these have had their situations resolved by using goat milk products. So, they walk away from my table with their first Big Red Barn soap and lotion, and I smile. Yes, partly because I know they will be coming back to me 😊, but mostly because I have a good hunch that they just found their answer. Will goat milk products help YOUR skin? Likely, yes. It doesn’t matter what your issue is. Removing the chemicals and other stuff that is in typical store-bought products will only help, and then using a real, natural soap that moisturizes your skin rather than leaving it feeling like it shrunk a size while you were in the shower is a huge step forward! Follow that with goat milk lotion, and you could see progress quite quickly. How to get started: - Purchase 2 soaps: 1 Unscented and 1 EO Lavender (or other EO goat milk soap). Try them both and see which one you prefer. Pay attention to how your skin feels after you use the soap. - Purchase 1 unscented goat milk lotion. Use it on the affected area, several times a day, as often as you like. Again, pay attention to how your skin feels. And that’s it! This isn’t a miracle cure, it’s a process. If you issue is severe, it may take a bit. But pay attention… is progress happening? What do you notice? How does it feel? Be sure to message me with your observations! Remember, I have people asking me this question ALL THE TIME, and your observations could be what helps give the next person hope that maybe this product will give them relief from their issue! Also, you need a consistent supply of goat milk products. Consider one of our monthly boxes to keep your skin in great shape! Links below to our standard scent and essential oil monthly boxes! No obligation, pause or cancel when needed. Take a chance and give goat milk products a try! What do you have to lose?

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