What is Shanna's favorite scent?

“So, what is YOUR favorite scent?”

I get asked this all the time at craft shows.  Usually, people have been smelling my soaps and are confused on which one to get.  They have “sniffer’s nose”, you know, when you have been smelling things for so long that your nose gets confused and can’t smell anything anymore?  They just want to choose a good one to start with, so they ask me which is my favorite. 

It’s a terrible question. 

Because I like them all.  Some more than others, because I want to have a variety of scents available for everyone’s scent preference, but I do truly like all of them for some reason. 

So, “Which one is your favorite?” is a hard question to answer.  It depends on a few things…


1 – What scents are new? 

I am always more drawn to the newer scents because I have discovered them recently, we made the soap, it just got done drying, and now we can test it!  So, if there are some new scents on the table, I will go to those first.  Current examples are Tobacco and Bay Leaf and Bonfire.  These are both in the “masculine appeal” bucket in my mind, but I really like these scents!  They are not fruity or floral.  They are just a clean smell and different from the others because of that. 


2 – What season is it? 

Some scents are just better in the right season.  Spring is all about florals.  Summer scents tend to be light and bright.  Fall goes totally to spicy, home-baking types of smells, and anything goes for Winter.  So, because it is August right now, I lean toward Sunshine and Green Tea Cucumber as my go-to summer scents.  Fall will be Harvest Spice (EO), and Almond Biscotti and Sandalwood Vanilla.  Fresh Snow and Christmas scents are popular in winter, and spring will bring back Baby’s Breath and Lavender. 


3 – Seasonal Scents are also fun! 

Some fun Christmas scents will be Apple Jack Peel, Sleigh Ride, and Cinnamon Sugar.  Valentine’s Day was a hoot this past year with Peony & Amberwood, Love Letter, and Pink Mimosa.     


4 – Are you a Monthly Box member? 

I can answer the “favorite scent” question differently if you are, because you have seen all the special scents we do for the monthly boxes.  You have been part of our VIP program and have seen all the new stuff.  So there are more options for my answer.  If not, I stick with our standard website offerings. 

So, I have a lot to think about when answering the question “What is your favorite scent?” 

A better question might be “What are you using right now?”  Currently I am using Green Tea Cucumber.  I am using it for my whole body and hair while we are on vacation, because it is much simpler to travel with one bar.  But, in my soap queue at home, I have Watermelon and Bonfire coming up!  Everyone has a soap queue, right?  There’s the soap you are using and then there are the soaps you are planning to use next!  I met a guy once who told me he had 12+ soaps in rotation…wow!   I just have a soap queue.

So that is my best shot at answering the “favorite scent” question!  Scent preference is always interesting because it can be so different from person to person!  I love watching people find scents they love, and some surprises that they like that maybe they didn’t think they would! 


Want to try my favorites?  Go over to our website and look through the Goat Milk Soap and Goat Milk Soap Essential oils listings.  If you can’t find the scent there, it is likely a monthly box scent that was exclusive for those boxes. 

Want to try a monthly box and get in on all the VIP scents?  You can do that on our website as well.  Just click the “Monthly Box” tab on the left and choose the box that fits you!  We would love to have you give a monthly box a try!  You get all the exclusive soap scents, plus lotions, foot cream, face cream, lip balms, and other fun stuff!  And, you can pause or cancel anytime, so no risk! 

And the next time we see each other, you can ask me what my favorite scent is if you want…but I might have a different answer, depending!  We’ll see! 




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