Skin Assist

    Skin Assist


    Skin Assist has the moisturizing power of goat milk, plus the added benefit of 4 powerful essential oils.  Excellent for extremely dry skin, or other skin issues you may be battling.  This is our high-powered moisturizer!  

    I created Skin Assist to help a friend pregnant with twins combat stretch marks.  It was so successful that she had friends asking her why her stretch marks were pale and calm and not red and inflamed???  :-)  Because of real, raw goat milk in our lotions, plus the power of essential oils! 

    But the crown jewel story is from my own mom.  She had big, purple spots on her arms.  Not bruises, but her skin is so thin that any little bump or brush against anything would earn her a new one.  She tried Skin Assist, and two weeks later, they were gone!  You could see the shadows of where they had been, but there were NO NEW ONES!   

    Skin assist is our standard goat milk lotion formula, but packed with essential oils: yarrow pom, geranium, frankincense, and lavender.  I am not a doctor or a dermatologist.  I don't have the science to understand what is happening here.  We are experimenting, and we are seeing results! 

    Want to join us?  Order your Skin Assist today and give it a try!  Then, please, send us your story!  We can all learn more from each others wins and experiences!