Face Cream

    Face Cream


    Goat milk for you face!  Big Red Barn Face Cream is a lighter moisturizer that your face will love! 

    I made the face cream to have less of the heavy oils that are in the lotion, and to rely more on the goat milk for its moisturizing properties.  The face cream pairs beautifully with essential oils, if you would like to mix some in, or use the face cream plain, either way!  I mix my whole face cream pot with my favorite essential oil, because I find that it saves me time, but you can mix it as you go if you like to change up your "EOs on your face" routine.   

    If you would like your Face Cream premixed with a high-end essential oil, just choose one!  Or keep it plain if you want to add your own oils.  Big Red Barn Face Cream is a great natural moisturizer plain or with essential oils... your choice!