Foot Cream

    Foot Cream


    Foot skin, blah.  Does everyone have trouble with foot skin, or is it just me?   

    BRB foot cream is designed to help with those nasty foot problems: dry, flaking, cracks, calluses.  Foot Cream has a higher percentage of goat milk in it than our goat milk lotion, thus, higher amount of lactic acid, which eats the connection between the dead and the live skin.  The dead stuff doesn't get softer, and thus less irritating... NO!  The dead stuff SLUFFS OFF!  Leaving healthy, soft, smooth skin for you to enjoy!  Plus, the moisturizing power of goat milk to keep that foot skin in great shape!

     So, if you have ever torn the sheets with your rough feet, this is for you!  Pair this with a bag of Big Red Barn bath sprinkles to use as a foot soak, and you will be well on your way to dramatically better feet!