Shampoo Goat Milk Soap

    Shampoo Goat Milk Soap


    Goat milk soap for your hair!  Yes, this really is shampoo!  Rub the bar through your hair briefly, and then massage the lather in as you would normal shampoo!  Rinse out and enjoy the moisturizing properties of the goat milk plus honey!  

    Moisturizing, natural, chemical free shampoo!  Yes, it is possible!  And, NO BOTTLE.  So if you are looking to "ditch the bottle", this is one way to help out the environment! 

    People ask me "Does this work?"  I smile.  Yes it works.  "Does it lather?"  Yes, it lathers.  Actually the castor oil in the shampoo adds to the lathering effect, so the lather of the shampoo bar is more than our other soaps, and the lather is a little "sturdier", so you can work it through your hair better.  "What about conditioner?" I find that I don't need a conditioner when I use this shampoo.  Sometimes I choose to use one anyway, depending on what I want to do with my hair that day, but I don't need to.  Personal preference on that one.